Dutch loans with commercial real estate as collateral are an excellent investment in terms of risk and return. With our product, investors can profit from the stability of Dutch real estate with minimized risk through the first right of mortgage, with an equity buffer of at least 25%.

Recent changes in the role and position of traditional banks have a profound impact on the investment and financing landscape in the real estate market. Increasingly strict regulations make obtaining loans – especially for loans below EUR 15 million- for commercial real estate more complicated and slower, while negative bank interest rates incentivize investors to invest. Rax Finance structures investment products that respond to this problem.

In all our funds, we apply the following principles:

  • Strong and careful selection of loans.
  • Our funds provide only first mortgage loans
  • Maximum LTV of 75% (investment loans 65%).
  • Strong alignment of interest as Rax Finance participates in each loan.

Shared Interest

Through a substantial co-investment with our own capital, we are truly involved and lower the investment risk for investors.

Rax Finance offers investment opportunities for both institutional and professional investors. For institutional investors we offer tailor made products. Additionally, we offer investors the possibility to participate in existing funds.

High Yield Fund

Professional investors have the opportunity to invest in the Rax Finance High Yield Fund. The Rax Finance High Yield Fund is characterized by an attractive return. The fund provides first mortgage loans, mainly bridge loans. Investors have the possibility to participate from EUR 211.000.

Investors of the Rax Finance High Yield Fund can log into the Investors portal to see actual information (KID, quarterly reports, fund information).


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